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Offering a passion for visual storytelling through film production, series creation, documentary filmmaking, and behind-the-scenes insights.

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Specializing in photography services and editorial content creation to capture moments and stories visually.

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Organizing events and creating art installations to bring creativity and cultural experiences to audiences.

VJ Mapping 

Utilizing VJ mapping techniques to create immersive visual experiences for events or artistic projects.

Creative design


We specialize in creating unique and captivating videos for films, series, documentaries and behind the scenes. Our talented team works closely with you to bring your vision to life. Contact us for more information.

Advanced technology

We are constantly at the forefront of technology to offer the best video solutions. Our team of passionate experts use the latest technological advances to create high-quality videos. Discover our advanced technology.



In today's globalized world, it is essential to be able to communicate with people from different countries. Our multilingual team is here to help you reach an international audience. Take advantage of this unique feature.


Paris, 2021, the destination, produces a casual encounter between Paolo Bellini and Gabriel Otero.Quickly, after several meetings, a common project is created, making a film about gangsters with a very intimate look. They start, working for a whole year, taking advantage of their knowledge on the subject to make it a real story that has its own blood. Thanks to the extraordinary talent of Paolo Bellini ( Twice World Champions by Muay Thai) and the director of Art House Films Gabriel Otero (Multi Award winner with THE 7 VICES, his Opera Prime). They create a unique work with a mixture of Albanian blood and Perfume Italian: RAW, it is said that they are already writing of RAW II.



Gabriel Otero: Visionary Multimedia Artist and Maverick Filmmaker

Born on May 25, 1969, in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, is a multimedia director renowned for his pioneering work in digital art and cinema. His journey in the world of creativity began when he founded Rattlesnake Multimedia Design Productora Independiente in Argentina, marking the inception of the country's first international digital art Festival, Rosario Arte Digital Muestra 0, in 2003. This groundbreaking event, held at the Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas (CEC), welcomed 600 international artists and set the stage for a series of multimedia festivals to follow.

Beyond his contributions to digital art, Otero is also an accomplished saxophonist, having co-founded the experimental music trio Estado Filarmonico at the age of 24. Together with Adrian Maglia on piano and Juan Martin Medrano on guitar, they released the album "Alea Jacta Est" in 1995, showcasing their avant-garde approach to music.

Otero's creative endeavors extend into various domains, including creation, direction, and production. He has curated multidisciplinary evenings such as Temporary Lab, dedicated to visual arts, music, and gastronomy, as well as Cine Live, a platform celebrating cinematic movements. His innovative concept of cinévjing, combining live video and sound mixing, was introduced through Cine Shot, captivating audiences with its immersive experiences.

As the founder of Le Club Vj, an international virtual space fostering artistic exchanges, Otero continues to push the boundaries of creativity. He has curated the Festival International Parachute Light Zéro, a vibrant showcase encompassing short films, photography, performances, installations, fashion shows, experimental music, and more.

Otero's influence extends beyond Argentina, as he has served as the editor in charge of the Le Club Vj section for Headliners Mag, an online magazine specializing in electronic music. His expertise has also been recognized internationally, with invitations to serve as an official jury member at prestigious events like BYOB Prague 2016 (Signal Festival).

Throughout his career, Otero has immersed himself in audio-visual installations, creating captivating experiences in diverse settings. From clubs in Argentina to prestigious venues in Paris, his installations have mesmerized audiences, utilizing elements like giant screens, video-mapping, and live sound to redefine spatial storytelling.

In addition to his installations, Otero has made significant contributions to the world of short films, receiving honours and recognition for his avant-garde works. His creative vision has been celebrated through awards and selections at renowned festivals, cementing his status as a trailblazer in the realm of experimental cinema.Otero's journey continues with a series of feature films and ongoing exploration of multimedia art, promising audiences an immersive and thought-provoking experience. With each project, he reaffirms his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and challenging perceptions in the digital age.



ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHER​ Katinka - Jimena Buttigliengo - Mary Dre Motena -Noemi Campbell - Felyne Felyne - Lara Jalloh - Kim - Lara - Konny - Stefan Leyshon  - Nonude -  Maria Lagrange  - Thierry Marx - Marioara Cheptene & Steeve  Gaudet - Théremynt - Waterflower - Sheroes - Iriscent - Eva Peel - Emilie Lang - Nicolas Kern - Brenn & Cesar - Chris Steps - Life on Mars entre Otres FASHION SHOWS PHOTOGRAPHERNight Couture - Katia Sanz - Serbian Fashion Show - Oxford Fashion Studio - Oriental Fashion Show - Maison Dione Atelier  - Ken Okada - Angie Haif  - Fashion Day Serbie  -  Show Midwest  Glam Couture - La Maison de Amerique Latine - Yanina Couture ​FESTIVALS ​Signal Festival  Prague - Sonopack Festival Geneve - Off Short Festival  Abbeville - Off Short Festvial Baise de Somme - Vision  R Festival, LPM Centre Mercoeur, Paris - Off Short Festival Cayeux Sur Mer , France  -Cologne OFF - Cologne -Résidence Artistique Festival de Jazz a Porquerolles-  Apon Cuyen Sierrra de la Ventana Argentine​ HOTELS INSTALLATIONS Terrass - The Chess - Regents Garden - Mandarin Oriental - OFF Seine - Plaza Athénée​ INSTITUTIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER​ Champagne MUMM -  Salon de la Danse Iriscent  - Ecole du danse de Marais Pointe Fix - 11 domaine - Albatrosfly - Trophee Champagne a Epernay 

MAGAZINES PHOTOGRAPHER ​Bulles et Millésimes - Best Of Paris - French Touch - L’ Absolu - Love Bites - Headliners Mag - Paris La Nuit - Le Bonbon - Star Wax Mag Wad - Trax ​RADIOMarais - Nova - FG​ WEB SITES ​Albatrosfly - Emilie Lang - 11 Domaine - Maria Lagrange​ EVENEMENTIEL FRANCE VJ​ Cafe Artcurial - Cafe Society Cafe Barge  - Cafe A - Cafe de la Press - Comedy Club - Maison Blanche  - Les Nautes -  Les Agites - Le Jane Club -  Panic Room  - Village Russe 12 Club -  Batofar - Club & Terrasse  - Petit Bain  - Concorde Atlantique - River's King - Mademoiselle M - Opa Bastille - Le Redlight EVENEMENTIEL ARGENTINE VJ ​Ona Disco- Cool Disco - Ummagumma -  Van Gogh Disco -  Adn Disco - Madame Disco VIP - Tokio Club -  Dust  - Shambala - Riversound - Blue Velvet - Waimea - Dark Nigths


Directed by Gabriel Otero 
Written by Gabriel Otero & Ana Laura Giumelli

ELEVEN A Film by Gabriel OTero

Directed by Gabriel Otero 
Written by Gabriel Otero & Paolo Bellini

RAW A Film by Gabriel Otero


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