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Cinema Verite 11 Awards

Cinema Vérité

a film by Gabriel Otero

Music Ossuary 6 Air  Kevin Mac Leod 

The yellow vests movement - named after the high visibility yellow vests worn by demonstrators - is an unstructured and sporadic protest movement that appeared in France in October 2018. This spontaneous social movement has its origin in broadcasting - mainly on social media - calls for demonstrations against the increase in the price of automotive fuels resulting from the increase in the domestic consumption tax on energy products (TICPE). The demonstrations take place mainly on Saturdays.

From November 17, 2018, the protest is organized around illegal blockades of roads and roundabouts and demonstrations every Saturday. These protests mainly mobilize residents of rural and peri-urban areas, but are also organized in metropolitan areas, where several violent episodes occur, especially on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées or nearby.

Quickly, the demands of the movement widened, in particular to the improvement of the standard of living of the popular and middle classes, the resignation of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, the reinstatement of the wealth tax and the establishment of the citizens' initiative referendum. During rallies, most often undeclared, several thousand people are injured, both on the side of the demonstrators and the police. Institutions such as the UN and the Council of Europe, as well as associations such as Amnesty International, criticize inappropriate conduct of the maintenance of order and question the use of weapons such as LBDs and de-encirclement grenades.

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